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Infrastructure and Electrification

Realization of Norway's and the world's climate ambitions requires a large-scale electrification of society. This necessitates a significant development of grid infrastructure and charging solutions, and the development and roll-out of smart solutions that ensure sufficient flexibility and robustness in the power system.

Kluge is probably the Norwegian law firm with the most experience in electrification and the establishment of charging solutions. We have assisted the largest public transport operators in central, southern and eastern Norway with the establishment of charging infrastructure in connection with electrification of public transport by road and sea. These have been complex projects with several parties involved with various input factors and contractual relationships, support applications for financing and government clarification.

Operation of networks and sales of network services is a strongly regulated business, and Kluge assists both network companies and other players with regulatory issues and disputes that arise in connection with this.

Our competence includes:

  • Licenses and public law permits
  • Regulatory issues, interpretation of regulations, dealing with relevant authorities
  • Issues relating to network connection, agreements, dispute resolution
  • Contracts, transactions and restructuring / consolidation
  • Acquisition of rights to real estate
  • Procurement of charging infrastructure and power
  • State aid