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Axel Naustdal Cooper

Associate Partner Oslo

+47 414 30 412 Download CV / Download vcard

Valuable and practical solutions to complex VAT issues

Current news related to Axel Naustdal Cooper:

Kluge advises NO-UK COM on its fibreoptic cable between Norway and UK

On 6 June 2021, installation of NO-UK COM’s submarine fibreoptic cable between Norway and United Kingdom started from Green Mountain’s data center at Rennesøy, Stavanger, with the Solstad Offshore CSV Normand Clipper.


Practice areas

Axel is a VAT specialist, especially in connection with the real property industry. Axel has extensive experience ranging from VAT audits, due diligence, dialogue with the VAT authorities, and has been a discussion partner for businesses on both issues and opportunities related to VAT.

Axel has been working on real property projects in all life stages of real property; from development, construction/rehabilitation, entering into leases, leasing and operation, as well as buying and selling. He has worked extensively with the VAT optimization of real property projects, and therefore has significant experience with the VAT opportunities and pitfalls that arise in connection with real property.

In his advice, Axel has a pragmatic approach to VAT issues and finds valuable and practical solutions to complex issues. He thinks it is important to see VAT in a broader context, so that both tax and other business law matters are taken into account when assessing the issues at hand.