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Bjørnar Alterskjær

Managing Partner Oslo

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Providing advice in EU and EEA Law. Pleadings before the European Court of Justice and the EFTA Court, and experience from Brussels

Current news related to Bjørnar Alterskjær:

How exposed is your company to Brexit?

The clock is ticking. There is only a little more than one and a half years left until the UK will leave the EU. So far negotiations have not yielded more certainty about the future relationship between the UK and the EU, let alone that of Norway and the EU.

8 things you should know about Brexit and Norwegian fisheries

Fisheries are one of the most important economic sectors in Norway. While in contrast the sector only has marginal economic significance in the UK, “taking back control of UK waters” is politically a charged topic in the UK. Brexit will affect the economic interaction between Norway, the UK and the EU in catching, managing, raising and selling fish in a number of ways.

Commission proposal on Euro clearing – the first of many regulatory changes due to Brexit?

Almost a year after the Brexit referendum, but less than two years before the UK’s anticipated exit from the EU on 29 March 2019, on June 13th the Commission unveiled its first substantial legislative proposal intended to prepare the Union for the UK’s withdrawal.

Holidays in 2019? Be careful (and mindful of Brexit) when booking flights!

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary warned that Brexit may result in no flights between the UK and Europe (including Norway) for a period of weeks or even months after “Brexit day” in March 2019. Upon closer examination, it would seem that O’Leary has a point.


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