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Inger Hygen

Partner Bergen

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Comprehensive experience from advice and dispute resolution within property development, transactions, contract law, financial liability law and company law

Contract/bond law, property, planning and building law, company law, monetary claim law and litigation.

Inger has long experience from a range of fields, with primary emphasis on property, company law and contract and property law. In recent years, she has been responsible for the Property Department in Bergen, and she has worked primarily with property law issues for private developers and construction clients. Inger assists with advisory and dispute resolution services for property developers, landowners, construction clients, advisers and contractors.

The company law assistance involves advisory services from an owner perspective, at the board level and to the management, including the relationship between the company and owners, between the various management levels, and the internal relationship between group companies, in addition to assistance for all parts of outward-facing enterprises. The contract and property law expertise is related to transactions, all phases of contract assistance, property law and the law of mortgages and pledges and property law disputes, related in particular to monetary claims, contract settlement and breach of contract, and restitution claims resulting from insolvency. Since 1999, she has litigated a large number of cases before the District Court and Court of Appeal, and she has had a qualifying test case before the Norwegian Supreme Court. Inger has additional expertise in financial/accounting comprehension.