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Kari Eline Bjørndal Kloster

Senior Associate Stavanger

+47 416 49 655 Download vcard

Dispute resolution and legal advice in questions related to labour law and procurement law

Kari Eline works in Kluge's department for Manufacturing, Retailing & Finance. She works particularly with dispute resolution and legal advice in questions related to labour law. Furthermore, she assist clients in procurement processes and in questions on EU/EEA law.

Kari Eline has previously worked in the Legal Department of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and has broad experience from international trade law. She has worked on numerous cases within the fields of EU/EEA law, WTO law and investment law, and has participated in the negotiations of trade agreements, including EFTA's free trade agreeements, with a number of third countries. She has been appointed as agent for the state of Norway in cases for the European Court of Justice and the EFTA Court, and has considerable experience from dispute resolution in the WTO.

In addition to the legal degree, Kari Eline also has a Bachelor of Arts in International Business Management from the University of Gloucestershire in the UK.