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Linn Terese Engvik*

Senior Lawyer Bergen

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Goal-oriented and effective assistance on labour law matters, on both the employer and the employee side

Labour law, company law, contract law and intellectual property law

Linn Therese has worked as an associate / senior associate at Kluge since 2011. Linn Therese is employed in Kluge's Manufacturing, Retailing & Finance Department in Bergen, and she works primarily in the areas of labour law and company law. She also has experience with issues related to contract law, intellectual property rights, the law of damages, public procurement and dispute resolution/litigation

Linn Therese works primarily on a day-to-day basis as an adviser and with litigation assignments related to various labour law issues, in the area of both individual and collective labour law. Linn Therese has assisted a number of clients with restructuring, workforce reductions, employment protection disputes and various personnel issues on both the employer and employee sides. Linn Therese took Labour Law I and II (individual and collective labour law) as electives during her Master of Laws studies at the University of Bergen, and she wrote her master's thesis on the subject of labour law. 

In addition, Linn Therese has litigation experience in both labour law cases and other cases.

*Leave of absence