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Olav Todnem

Partner Stavanger

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Counseling and dispute resolution in real estate specifically related to property development, planning and building law and expropriation


Practice areas

Olav works primarily for developers, contractors and property companies in the area of property law, with special emphasis on contract work related to major development projects, buying and selling of land, organisation of development companies and other cooperation in this connection, including settlement work (brokering) in connection with the conveyance of development areas.

A major portion of his work has consisted of assistance in all phases of land acquisition for development purposes. Olav has assisted several actors with negotiations and concluded more than 100 option and land acquisition agreements, of all varieties, where assistance has been provided in connection with contract negotiations, in connection with conveyancing part of a title, and in connection with arranging security for the financing source and settlement. Olav has an estate agent licence by virtue of his licence to practice law, and he is the head of Kluge's settlement department, which has had a settlement volume of +/- NOK 1 billion on an annual basis over the past 5 years.

Olav also assists with development contract negotiations with the public authorities, reimbursement agreements with the public authorities and between private parties, as well as the execution of private expropriation for the construction of roads and water supply and sewage facilities. Olav also works with general planning law, as well as building and construction law. He also has some litigation assignments, including appraisals before the courts in connection with the aforementioned work.

Olav has thus worked for more than 15 years with appraisals and expropriation cases, both for public clients and landowners. He is currently engaged by a number of private landowners in connection with land acquisitions for several major road projects in the region.