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Tarjei Pedersen

Partner Oslo

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Counseling and dispute resolution in real estate specifically related to property development, planning and building law and expropriation


Practice areas

Tarjei works first and foremost with planning and building law, expropriation and property law.

By means of his experience with development projects on behalf of both public and private actors, Tarjei can quickly assess the existing and future scope of action for both the public and private actors related to the respective property development scenarios. Tarjei’s substantial experience includes planing and building applications, drafting and entering into development contracts, preparation and collection of refund claims, expropriation, buying and selling of property and how projects can and should be organised in relation to the value added tax rules.

Tarjei has special experience related to the processing of planning and building applications, both from his time in the public sector and subsequently as a lawyer. Tarjei is of key importance to many of the courses and lectures that Kluge offers to actors in the property industry, and is thus up-to-date on the extensive regulations that govern what is required for the preparation of area development plans, construction of new buildings and initiatives in existing buildings, including application of the planning and building legislation’s right to accept responsibility system.

In addition to courses, Tarjei currently works with advisory and dispute resolution services for property developers, landowners, construction clients, advisers, contractors, expropriators, owners of property expropriated and the public sector. Tarjei also has substantial litigation experience. 

As the department head and practice group leader for Property (approximately 25 lawyers) and at one time the business area head for this department, as well as the Construction Department (over 50 lawyers combined), Tarjei has acquired significant knowledge of related areas of law and issues.