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Finansavisen each year cites whom Norway's best law firms regards as leading in the industry. For several years Kluge has been a leader in public procurements, and Kluge once again confirms this position.

Offshore Summit 2018 | Stavanger

Reserve the 11th of April for participation at this year's Offshore Summit - digitalization and innovation are on the agenda!

New Partner in Kluge

We are proud to welcome Hans Ingvald Stensholdt to the Kluge partnership. He joined the position in January 2018.

Amidst daily reports about warring factions in the British government and stalling negotiations between the UK and EU, a conference in Brussels that took place last week took a sober view on the legal consequences of Brexit. In short: They are mind-boggling and perhaps even more complex as previously assumed.

How exposed is your company to Brexit?

The clock is ticking. There is only a little more than one and a half years left until the UK will leave the EU. So far negotiations have not yielded more certainty about the future relationship between the UK and the EU, let alone that of Norway and the EU.