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How to Succeed in International Markets - Invitation to INTSOK’s series of seminars offered to the Norwegian oil and gas industry

Kluge is the proud sponsor of a series of half-day INTSOK seminars taking place in 5 selected Norwegian cities this fall. These unique ½ day seminars will look at some of the most important aspects to consider when expanding your business out of Norway.


These INTSOK events are sponsored by Kluge, US law firm Gardere, DNB and the US Embassy with support from Norsk Industri, GCE Node and GCE Subsea.

Each of the events are bringing together experts on entry into foreign markets, law and banking. Local business leaders with a proven track record in business internationalization will share their hands-on experiences. As a partner with INTSOK on these events, Kluge is in a position to give selected friends and business partners the opportunity to participate. Timing is of the essence, and the seminars will take place the same week as the important US presidential election.

For detailed information about these events and information about registration, please refer to the links to the INTSOK website below. Registrations can only be done via these links (one link for each city). There are only a limited number of participants in each city. INTSOK will handle registrations on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in taking part in the event in your city, kindly register with INTSOK as soon as possible to reserve your seat.

For more information and registration, please register at INTSOK's website as follows: