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Snorre Haukali, Managing Partner in Kluge, has been appointed as Canadian consul in Stavanger

The Canadian embassy has decided to open a consulate in Stavanger. Stavanger is an important city for Norwegian/Canadian cooperation with its oil and gas industry. The industry is known for its entrepreneurial spirit and its ability to use the technology and know how in new interesting markets and industries, which Canada sees as an opportunity for increased cooperation between the two countries.

By establishing a consulate, the embassy will contribute additionally to enhance the cooperation with the industry in the Stavanger region. At the same time, the consulate will be able to provide assistance and support to Canadian citizens living in the district.

After a longer process, our Managing Partner, Snorre Haukali, has been appointed as a new Honorary Consul and Kluge's office in Stavanger will house the consulate. The office has already mounted the Canadian "coat of arms" outside the front door of our offices. The commitment is initially for 2 years.

This cooperation with the Canadian industry opens for exciting assignments and challenges from companies that wants to do business in Norway or do trade with Norwegian companies.