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Updated guide on international sanctions

Kluge has contributed to updated version of the International Comparative Legal Guides: Sanctions 2022, which covers 16 different jurisdictions sanction regimes, including their legal basis, sanction authorities, implementation and enforcement. The book provides guidance on how companies operating within international trade should maneuver in an increasingly complex legal landscape.


Siri Fosse Sandve and Ronny Rosenvold have co-authored the book and written about the Norwegian sanction’s regulations.

Kluge is considered as one of Norway’s leading law firms within export control and sanctions legislation and know also joined forces with the top global law firm CMS. This gives us the opportunity to assist clients both with navigating Norwegian sanctions as well as doing multinational assessments where multiple jurisdictions are involved. Kluge does therefore assist a large number of companies ensuring compliance with rapid changing sanctions and the consequences for their international business and trade.

Click to access the online guide.